Amazing Photos with Cross Polarization

What you will need.

  • Polarizer Filter

  • Cassette

  • Ipad

  • Stands

  • Plexiglas




Welcome back to 1:01 Photography Projects. This time we have the easiest possible project you can do. We will take advantage of a little filter that every photographer should have in their bag and we will use it in a new way. That filter is the circular polarizer. If you don't own you should consider buying one. Mine is made by Hoya and it cost me 50 So let's start.

Collecting the necessary items.

Circular Polarizer is a nice addition to your camera gear.

Circular Polarizer is a nice addition to your camera gear.

  So we have our circular polarizer, then we need the light source. The most common thing would be a tablet and it's perfect for this job. If you don't own one, even an old computer screen would do the trick. Also, you need a Plexiglas or something transparent to place your subject on. Also, you will need two stands. I used some tapes I had lying around. Finally, go check if your stuff and find an old cassette. If you don't have one, use something like plastic forks that are made from transparent plastic. That's all we need, let's proceed.


Taking the photo

Now let's guide you through each step. Open, your Ipad tap on Settings>Display & Brightness>Auto Lock>Never. Also turn Brightness to 100% Now your screen won't turn off during the photo shoot. Nice, now make a quick search on google find a white image and make it fullscreen. Great now you have your source of light ready. Set it flat on the surface of your desk. Your screen is made out of little pixels that are visible in the photo. So we need to elevate our subject just enough to eliminate those pixels from showing up in our photo. Put the stands on either side and on top of that the Plexiglas. Lastly, put your cassette on top of the Plexiglas.

Now, let's move on to your camera. I prefer doing it with a tripod but you can do it also free hand. Set your camera on the tripod, and screw in front of the lens the Circular Polarizer. Make sure it's secured to the lens and put the camera parallel to the subject. Turn on the Live View of your camera to see the effect.

 Your subject has great vibrant colors on it. The fascinating part is that now you can change the color of the background. Turn the circular polarizer and watch the pure white background gradually turn into pure black. The colors and the contrast seemed better to me with the black background.


 The step by step guide is over. It's time to experiment. First of all, you can use every kind of plastic object. Try to use plastic spoons, old rulers we used to have in school and so on. Also, you can change the angle of the camera and take whatever photo you like. You can also experiment with a macro lens.


  That was the end of another project, hope you try it out and send me your creations. If you liked the tutorial, choose your platform of choice and sign up. These tutorials are weekly but many more things will come soon. Thanks