Create Colored Macro Drops

Equipment List:

  • Colored Candy

  • Syringe

  • Glycerin

  • Macro Lens

  • Flash Gun

  • Glass



  1:01 Photography Projects is here again and this is a great project for all of you that love Macro Photography. It's great because once you have created your setup you can just change subjects and get completely different results. This is the most common and straight project so you can do that and then go on finding your ideas.


Collecting the necessary items

 The most basic requirement is to have a lens capable of taking macro shots. If you don't own one do not get discouraged. Check this post to see what are your alternative choices. If you have a flash gun it will be useful to get the best possible photo. If you don't have one you can have great results with any type of light you choose. That's what you need from camera gear.

 Next, you need to buy Glycerin from your local drug store. Glycerin doesn't spread like water so it will give you a better shape to work with. Also, it doesn't evaporate so you can work for days without needing to do all the process again. It's cheap and very useful, so keep it for future projects. Next, you need to create your drops.I used a Syringe, with and without the needle attached. The needle gives the best results because it creates small drops. Small drops give you better result overall. I also used a glass Final you need a  Glass to place your drops and something colorful to be your subject. It can be anything from a flower to a bag of M&Ms like I  used in my video.

Preparing for the photo

 The first thing you need to do is to create the drops. Fill your syringe with a small amount of glycerin. It's very important to make your drops as small as possible. Try a few times and if you are not satisfied, wipe it clean and start over. Great, now your set of drops is ready. Then place your subject and then put the glass with the drops on two stands. This is the part where you have to experiment with the distance between the glass and the subject.

 Then you have to set your camera in an overhead view. You need to be very precise and be parallel to your subject or else you will lose a lot of depth of field.

Taking the shot

Everything is set and now the difficult part if you don't have the right tools for the job like me. You have to find out if your photo is focused correctly. This is paramount and a nice tip that I found out when I was doing astrophotography. Turn on the Live View of your camera. If needed raise the iso. Now zoom to a drop all the way and fine adjust your focus manually. Zoom out carefully so as not to move the camera, lower the iso again. In macro photography is also very important to avoid the shake from the mirror slapping. Best way to eliminate this is to use your remote controller. One click the mirror is up. Count to 5 and click again. Great you took the photo. Great now you found a project that you can revisit, again and again. For more details and alternative ways continue to the next session.


 This is a great project when you are stuck home. Macro photography is my favorite subject so we gonna revisit it many times in the future. Thanks for watching if you like subscribe.